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ClassCrits X Junior Scholar Works in Progress (WIP)

Schedule:  8-9:30 am Sat. Nov. 11, with breakfast.


WIP Session One

Rebecca Kunkel, Rutgers Law Library – Rationing Justice in the 21st Century:  Technology and Technocracy in the Access to Justice Movement
Kunkel Abstract

Commentators:  Athena Mutua; Kathryn Sabbeth


WIP Session Two

  1. Annie Lai, The Price of Freedom: Immigration Courts and the Private Immigration Bond Industry   Commentator:  Diane Uchimiya

2.  Valena Betty, Poverty, Rurality, and Death Investigations

Commentator:  Eric Miller


WIP Session Three

  1. Antonia Eliason, University of Mississippi School of Law, Using the WTO to Facilitate the Paris Agreement:Building on the Trade Facilitation Agreement’s Special and Different Treatment Provisions

Commentator:  René Reich-Graefe

  1. Sabrina Tremblay-Huet, The Reciprocity Problem of the “Right to Tourism”

Commentator:  Cyra Choudhury


WIP Session Four

Eric Franklin Amarante, University of Tennessee College of Law – Philanthrocapialism: Exacerbating the Antidemocratic, Paternalistic, and Amateuristic Nature of Philanthropy 

Amarante Paper Abstract

Commentator:  Martha McCluskey


WIP Session Five:

  1. Christina S. Chong, University of San Francisco School of Law – Back to the Drawing Board:Legislating Hollywood!A Solution to the Lack of Diverse Programming and Employment Discrimination in Hollywood that Complies with the First Amendment
  1. Atinuke (Tinu) Adediran, Institutional Logics at Play: Law Firms, Public Interest Organizations & Access to Civil Justice

Commentator:  Lua Kamal Yuille



WIP Session Six

  1. Caitlin Henry, Strategies for Launching and Operating a Non Traditional Teaching Law Clinic:Lessons Learned from the Prisoner Advocacy Network
  1. Daria Fisher Page, Bigger Fish, Smaller Ponds:  Contemplating the Lure of Expertise and the Problem of Specialization.

Commentator:  Jonathan Glater


WIP Session Seven

Diana Reddy, Identifying Class, Classifying Identity: Constructing Protagonist and Antagonist in the Modern American Labor Movement

Commentator:  Ruben Garcia
Sarah Winsberg, Making Work: Lawyers and the Boundaries of Labor, 1780-1860

Winsberg Abstract


Commentator:  Tom Kleven


WIP Session Eight  

  1. Raúl Carrillo, Defending a Job Guarantee

2.  Chloe Sariego, The Problem With Property: Racial Discrimination in the 2008 Financial Crisis

            Commentator :  Danni Hart


WIP Session Nine

  1. Rohan Grey and Jillian Hernandez, What Guarantee? What Job? Inclusion and Equity Considerations in the Design of the Job Guarantee    

Commentators:  Andrea Boyack


WIP Session Ten

  1. Ana Paula Del Vieira Duque and Marcos Vinicius Lustosa Queiroz, Decolonial View of Criminology and Transitional Justice in Latin America  
  1. Ana Paula Del Vieira Duque and Theigo Ferrare, The silencing of the black resistance to slavery in the production and justification of the Brazilian republican constitution of 1891   

Commentator:  Anthony Farley