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ClassCrits X  Program


Nov. 10-11, 2017  Tulane University, New Orleans
Weinmann Hall (6329 Freret Street)

Preliminary Program





8:45-9amWELCOME: Saru M. Matambanadzo


9:00-10:00 PLENARY Critical Analysis: Law, Economy, Class & Inequality

Tonya Brito, Chair and Commentator

Martha McCluskey, What does ClassCrits Contribute to analysis of law and inequality? 

Justin Desautels-Stein, Towards Black Legal Thought: From Critical Legal Studies to Critical Race Theory and Beyond

James Varellas, The Invisible College of Political Economists of Law

Lua Kamál Yuille, If Property were a Black Woman

Dermot Feenan, An Exploration of the Contemporary Relevance of Class for Law


10:00-10:15am Break



1A  Inequality and Structures of Wealth:  How We Got Here & Why We Stay   

Danielle Kie Hart, About Those Inequalities of Fortune

Allison Tait, Trusting Marriage

Victoria J. Haneman, Enabling Self-Represented Layperson as the Gold Age of Estate Planning Dawns

Phyllis Taite, Disinheritance in America: Children Left Behind

Orit Gan, Anti-Stereotyping Theory and Contract Law


1B   Mobilizing for Justice in Education and the Legal Profession

Jonathan Glater, The Higher Education Opportunity Project

Dean Elena B. Langan, Admission by Performance Programs: A Diversity Initiative

René Reich-Graefe, Mobilizing for Resistance, Solidarity, and Justice By Promoting Social Innovation & Collective (Academic) Entrepreneurship in Legal Education

Jeff Yungman, Collaborate to Advocate:  How Lawyers and Communities Can Work to End Poverty

Myrta Morales-Cruz and Luis José Torres-Asencio, Activist Lawyering and Clinical Legal Education



Poverty, Criminal Justice, and Inequality in New Orleans

Andrea Armstrong, Loyola New Orleans, Professor of Law
Mathilde Laisne, VERA

David Kattner, Director, Tulane Law Juvenile Clinic

Pamela Metzger, SMU,
Bruce Reilly, VOTE New Orleans
Nia Weeks, Women with a Vision


1:15-1:30 pm Break



2A Wielding the Antitrust Tool: Antitrust Enforcement as a Means of Addressing Social Inequality

Christine Bartholomew, When the Patient Isn’t the One Who is Sick: How Procedural Changes in Antitrust Enforcement Stymy Healthcare Reform

Spencer Weber Waller, Antitrust and Democracy

John B. Kirkwood, Does Antitrust Reduce Inequality?

Lina Khan, Market Power and Inequality: The Antitrust Counter-Revolution and its Discontents


2B  Expanding Public Protection and Solidarity:  Challenges and Visions

Rob Verchick, Social Resilience and the Regulatory State

Lisa Pruitt, Rurality, Whiteness and Working Class Women

Nancy Dowd, A New Deal for Children

Kathryn Sabbeth, Simplicity as Justice

Nicky A. Boothe-Perry, Social Media and Human Trafficking


2C Critical Perspectives on Labor and Work

Thomas Kleven, Will Automation Liberate the Working Class..or Further its Immiseration?

Saru M. Matambanadzo, Work, Re-Imagined

Ruben J. Garcia, The Labor-Community Coalition in the 21st Century:  The Las Vegas Culinary Union

Nicole Hallett, The Problem of Wage Theft

Stephen Lee, The Legacy of Greenwashing


2D Social Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship, and Design Thinking:  Limitations and Possibilities

Anna Monhartova, The Phyllis M. Taylor Center for Social Innovation and Design Thinking 




2:45-3:00 pm Break



3A    Implicit Bias in Law

Latonia Haney Keith, Cultural Competency in a Post-Model Rule 8.4(g) World

Michele Benedetto Neitz, When Myths Become Beliefs: Implicit Socioeconomic Bias in American Courtrooms

Erik Girvan, Under-Incarceration: White Privilege in Criminal Justice

Andrea Armstrong, Race, Prison Discipline, and the Law

Diane K. Uchimiya, Domestic Propaganda and Anti-Immigrant Bias


3B Engendering, Imagining, and Creating Utopian Possibilities During Dystopian Days

Anthony Farley

Marc-Tizoc González

Saru M. Matambanadzo

Harold McDougall, Humans and Their Rights


3C Exploring Veteran Critical Legal Theory

Jennifer Oliva

Sunita Patel

Olympia Duhart

Jeena Shah


3D Guerrilla Law Teaching Roundtable

Amna Akbar

Sameer Ashar

William Quigley

Caitlin Barry


4:30-4:45pm. Break


4:45-5:45 pm LOCAL PLENARY

Young Guns in Public Interest Practice and Activism

David Anderson

Sophie Woodruff

Josephine Vanderhorst

Anthony Johnson

Nicolas Hite

Eliana Green


5:45-6:00pm PLENARY MEETING:  Launching ClassCrits, Inc.!



Keynote:  William P. Quigley, Loyola University New Orleans, Professor of Law and Director of the Loyola Law Clinic and Gillis Long Poverty Law Center   


SATURDAY  NOV 11, 2017


8:00 - 9:30 am BREAKFAST:  WORKS IN PROGRESS (see participant list, following the program schedule)

Please plan to attend and comment on one paper! More information to follow.


9:30 – 9:45 am BREAK



4A   Inequality and Identity: Constructing and Masking Legal Power

Lucy Jewel & Mary Campbell, Dredged and Submerged: Law, Race, and Visual Imagery

Chunlin Leonhard, Dangerous or Benign Legal Fictions, Cognitive Biases and Consent in Contract Law

Neil Gotanda, Mapping the Muslim Category: An Examination of Race, Identity, Religion and the Black-White Paradigm

M. Isabel Medina, Making American Great Again Revisited: Through the prism of immigration and refugees

Terry Smith, Donald Trump, the Supreme Court, and the Culture of White Grievance

McKay Cunningham, The Political Question Barrier as Proxy for Judicial Review in Partisan Gerrymandering Disputes


4B Law, Economics and Development:  International Perspectives  

Colin Crawford, Access to Justice: Urban and Environmental Options and Challenges

Jedidiah Kroncke, From Utopianism to Pragmatism: The Lessons of Cooperative Land Trust Experimentation

Ernesto Hernandez-Lopez, Precaution over GMO corn in México: law between Cortes’s salvation and Quetzalcoatl preservation

Cyra Akila Choudhury, Structures of Resistance /Control and “Declassifying” the War on Terror


4C  Poverty, Inequality and Place:   Possibilities for Justice

Taunya Banks, Public Toilets: An Essential Public Service

Kristen Barnes, Housing and Mortgage Law Reform in Spain

Andrea J. Boyack, Residential Segregation Rental Unaffordability and Neighborhood Decline:  Taming the Three Headed Housing Hellhound

Yxta Murray, The Takings Clause of Boyle Heights.

Patience Crowder, Impact Transaction: Inclusionary Zoning as an Equitable Model for Small Business Development

John Whitlow, Community Law Clinics in the Neoliberal City:  Assessing CUNY School of Law’s Tenant Law and Organizing Project


11:30 – 11:45am BREAK




5A Food Justice in the Gulf South Region

(Pariticipants To Be Announced)


5B Transformation Through Dialogue: Teaching Inside and Outside the Prison Walls

Shawn Boyne

Bob Cowser

Vicki Reitenauer

Andrew Skotnicki


5C Current Trends on Homeless Advocacy and Scholarship

Mark K. Roark

Sara Rankin

Marc-Tizoc Gonzalez

Stacey Tovino (state facilities for persons with intellectual disabilities)


12:45-2:00 pm:  LUNCH

SALT meeting

2:00 – 2:15 p.m. Break



6A Law, Economics and Fundamental Values


Athena Mutua, Doubting the Morality of Markets: Race, Class and Economic Liberty

Wendy Scott Brown & Linda Greene, Justice Marshall’s Views on Constitutional Economic Equality

Steven A. Ramirez, The U.S.: At the Frontier of Inequality and Corruption

Amna Akbar, Toward a Radical Reimagination of Law

Kenya Smith, Hobby Lobby & Section 501c3 of the IRC


6B Reparations

Robert Westley, Tulane University School of Law
Carlton Waterhouse, Indiana

Kiami Wagner, Thomas Jefferson School


3:45-4:00 pm Break


4:00–5:15 pm CLOSING PLENARY

Neoliberalism’s Leviathan:  Debtfare, Workfare, Prisonfare

Elizabeth Berenguer

Linda Coco

Lucy Jewel

Eric J. Miller , Policing Class

Wendy Bach, Prosecuting Poverty


5:15-6:00 pm CLASSCRITS PLANNING AND JOURNAL MEETING:  We encourage you to stay to discuss ideas and interest in helping with future events and with the Law and Political Economy Journal.


Evening:  RECEPTION at the Columns Hotel! (details to be announced)


ClassCrits X Junior Scholar Works in Progress (WIP)


Drafts due to your commentators by Monday Oct. 30, 2017 -- email to or to your commentator directly



Schedule:  8-9:30 am Sat. Nov. 11, with breakfast.

We will group two papers together, with 45 minutes to focus on each. Drafts or outlines to be circulated in advance (details to be announced).  We’re in the process of signing up commentators (let us know if you are interested!).   Aim for presentations of 10 minutes or less (commentators will read the papers in advance).


List of Sessions


WIP Session One

Rebecca Kunkel, Rutgers Law Library – Rationing Justice in the 21st Century:  Technology and Technocracy in the Access to Justice Movement

Commentators:  Athena Mutua; Kathryn Sabbeth


WIP Session Two

  1. Annie Lai, The Price of Freedom: Immigration Courts and the Private Immigration Bond IndustryCommentator:Diane Uchimiya
  2. Valena Beety, Poverty, Rurality, and Death Investigations

Commentator:  Eric Miller


WIP Session Three

  1. Antonia Eliason, University of Mississippi School of Law, Using the WTO to Facilitate the Paris Agreement:Building on the Trade Facilitation Agreement’s Special and Different Treatment Provisions

Commentator:  René Reich-Graefe

  1. Sabrina Tremblay-Huet, The Reciprocity Problem of the “Right to Tourism”

Commentator:  Cyra Choudhury


WIP Session Four:

Eric Franklin Amarante, University of Tennessee College of Law – Philanthrocapialism: Exacerbating the Antidemocratic, Paternalistic, and Amateuristic Nature of Philanthropy  

Commentator:  Martha McCluskey


WIP Session Five:

  1. Christina S. Chong, University of San Francisco School of Law – Back to the Drawing Board:Legislating Hollywood!A Solution to the Lack of Diverse Programming and Employment Discrimination in Hollywood that Complies with the First Amendment

    Commentator:  Kristen Barnes

  2. Atinuke (Tinu) Adediran, Institutional Logics at Play: Law Firms, Public Interest Organizations & Access to Civil Justice

Commentator:  Lua Kamal Yuille



WIP Session Six

  1. Caitlin Henry, Strategies for Launching and Operating a Non Traditional Teaching Law Clinic:Lessons Learned from the Prisoner Advocacy Network

    Commentator:  John Whitlow

  2. Daria Fisher Page, Bigger Fish, Smaller Ponds:  Contemplating the Lure of Expertise and the Problem of Specialization.

Commentator:  Jonathan Glater


WIP Session Seven

  1. Diana Reddy, Identifying Class, Classifying Identity: Constructing Protagonist and Antagonist in the Modern American Labor Movement

Commentator:  Ruben Garcia

2) Sarah Winsberg, Making Work: Lawyers and the Boundaries of Labor, 1780-1860

Commentator:  Tom Kleven


WIP Session Eight

  1. Raúl Carrillo, Defending a Job Guarantee

    Commentator:  Neil Gotanda

  2. Chloe Sariego, The Problem With Property: Racial Discrimination in the 2008 Financial Crisis

            Commentator :  Danni Hart


WIP Session Nine

  1. Rohan Grey & Jillian Hernandez, What Guarantee? What Job? Inclusion and Equity Considerations in the Design of the Job Guarantee

Commentators:  Andrea Boyack;

WIP Session Ten

  1. Ana Paula Del Vieira Duque and Marcos Vinicius Lustosa Queiroz, Decolonial View of Criminology and Transitional Justice in Latin America

    Commentator: Harold McDougall

  2. Ana Paula Del Vieira Duque and Theigo Ferrare, The silencing of the black resistance to slavery in the production and justification of the Brazilian republican constitution of 1891

Commentator:  Anthony Farley