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Journal of Law and Political Economy
A project of ClassCrits, Inc.

An online journal published on the University of California eScholarship platform

Volume 1 coming soon in 2020!
Angela Harris and James Varellas


Mission Statement


The Journal of Law and Political Economy seeks to promote multi- and interdisciplinary analyses of the mutually constitutive interactions among law, society, institutions, and politics. Its central goal is to explore power in all of its manifestations (race, class, gender, sexuality, disability, global inequality, etc.) and the relationship of law to power. The intellectual foundations of the journal are informed broadly by the critical traditions in both law and political economy, which have challenged the assumptions, methods, omissions, and commitments of legal and economic thinking to emphasize the role of institutions, morality, politics, and social or historical context in shaping power relations. The mutually constitutive roles of law and power and their effects in shaping the historical and institutional trajectories of capitalist societies are at the heart of JLPE’s intellectual mission. 


The journal provides an academic and practical resource for and fosters discussion among scholars, activists, and educators from countries around the world to build bridges among the diverse groups whose work engages and resists the legal foundations of structural subordination and inequality. The JLPE welcomes contributions in this spirit on any theme at the intersection between law and political economy.


Types of Work Published

  • Articles
  • Book reviews
  • Commentary


Affiliated Projects

  • ClassCrits, Inc.:
  • Yale Law and Political Economy Blog:
  • Law and Society Association, Law and Political Economy Collaborative Research Network



For more information, contact Eric George, Managing Editor,
Or Co-Editors-in-Chief:  Angela Harris, University of California, Davis School of Law,
and Jay Varellas, University of California, Berkeley Department of Political Science,