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ClassCrits XII Conference

Thanks to all who participated and to our host, Western New England University Law School
and WNEU Law Center for Social Justice

ClassCrits XII: Conference Program

Here are some of the many who contributed to the lively conversation and community at

ClassCrits XII:

Facing Our Challenges: Rescuing Democracy, Ensuring Wellbeing, and Exorcizing the Politics of Fear (Or: How to Be Free) Conference on November 15 & 16, 2019

About ClassCrits:

ClassCrits is a network of academics and activists focused on economic justice.
Formed in 2007 in response to growing economic inequality, the name "ClassCrits" reflects our connections to other critical legal scholarship movements, such as critical feminist theory, critical race theory, LatCrit, and queer theory.

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ClassCrits Conferences:

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