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PAST ClassCrits Conferences 

2007 (Part I and Part II): Toward a Critical Analysis of Economic Inequality (SUNY Buffalo, Baldy Center for Law & Social Policy) (Hosted by Athena Mutua & Martha McCluskey)

Program 2007


2010: Rethinking Economics and Law after the Great Recession  (SUNY Buffalo, Baldy Center for Law & Social Policy) (Hosted by Angela Harris, Athena Mutua & Martha McCluskey)

Call for Papers 2010

Program 2010


2011: Criminalization of Economic Inequality (American University, Washington College of Law) (Hosted by Ezra Rosser)

Call for Papers

Program 2011


2012:  From Madison to Zuccotti Park: Confronting Class and Reclaiming the American Dream (Univ. of Wisc. Madison) (Hosted by Tonya Brito)

Call for Papers 2012

Program 2012


2013: Stuck in Forward: Debt, Austerity and the Possibilities of the Political (Southwestern Law School) (Hosted by Danielle Kie Hart)

Call for Papers

Program 2013


2014:  Poverty, Precarity and Work:  Struggle and Solidarity in an Era of Permanent Crisis (UC Davis Law King Hall) (Hosted by Angela Harris & Lisa Pruitt)

Call for Papers
Program 2014


2015Emerging Coalitions: Challenging the Structures of Inequality (University of Tennessee Law) (Hosted by Wendy Bach and Lucy Jewel)

Call for Papers 2015
Program 2015


2016The New Corporatocracy and Election 2016 (Loyola University Chicago School of Law) (Hosted by Steven A. Ramirez)

Call for Papers 2016



2017:  ClassCrits X:  Mobilizing for Resistance, Solidarity & Justice (Tulane University, New Orleans) (hosted by Saru Matambanadzo)

Call for Papers 2017

Program 2017

2018:  ClassCrits XI:  Rising Together for Economic Hope, Power & Justice (West Virginia University College of Law, Morgantown) (Hosted by Matthew Titolo)
Call for Papers 2018
Program 2018

ClassCrits XII: Facing Our Challenges: Rescuing Democracy, Ensuring Wellbeing..Conference - 11/15/2019