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My Work: I am a researcher of legal aspects of sovereign debt, utilising socio-legal analysis.

My Work: The have written on the dynamics of the market and law in egypt
The University of Chicago
Earl B Dickerson Fellow

My Work: I study inequality in the legal profession. I have published or have forthcoming articles on how the...[More]
Al al-Bayt University

My Work: I have long tried to situate both my scholarship and activism at locations where race and class visi...[More]
Loyola University New Orleans, College of Law
Professor of Law

My Work: I research conditions of incarceration.
UC Irvine School of Law
Clinical Professor of Law

My Work: The expanding immigration enforcement apparatus and hollowed out labor protection functions of the s...[More]
University at Buffalo
University of Tennessee College of Law
University of California Irvine School of Law
Professor of Law

My Work: I am Professor of Law (and, by courtesy, of Sociology, Asian American Studies, and Criminology, Law ...[More]
Stellenbosch University
Masters Student

My Work: I am busy pursuing my masters degree where I develop poverty as a ground of unfair discrimination in...[More]

My Work: My work is at the intersection of social justice/human rights and cultural heritage law. My scholars...[More]
Campbell Law School
Associate Professor of Law

My Work: I study cognitive rhetoric and the impact of language on the legal apparatuses that create divides i...[More]
University of Kentucky
Professor of Law

My Work: I work on tax policy, in particular critiquing the traditional law and economics model of tax policy...[More]
Law & Political Economy Project
Executive Director

My Work: I research and write about the rhetoric and processes of privatization. I draw on legal and critical...[More]
Rutgers Law School

My Work: Current second-year law student, interested in the intersections of race, class, and other spectra o...[More]
University of Toledo, College of Law
Assistant Professor of Law

My Work: My research interests focus on environmental law and policy and the ways in which they intersect wit...[More]

My Work: I write on issues related to economic, racial, housing, and consumer justice. I focus on housing and...[More]

My Work: I teach and write in the area of comparative criminal procedure. In addition, I teach law classes in...[More]